Sunday, June 30, 2013


Happy Birthday! - Images and gifs for social networks

Blow out the candles, wish away, you are the star of the day. Happy Birthday! - Images and gifs for social networks

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fourth Day in Heaven - To My Sweet Mom

Hi friends...... This post is all about my personal things...I suggest you to skip this post if you want to... You can also continue, if you want to go through.

I have a strong belief that if we can share our personal things to others, then surely our thoughts will be right and genuine.

Yeah... First of all..... I dedicate this post to my 2 years old sweet mom!!

Oops....... what it means 2 years old mom ? Because I know her only 2 years back.

Of course... I didn't have faith in love at first sight... But now I strongly believe it, It happened to me......

But I got a mummy instead of any dummy.....

Now i have two mom, the one who gave me life and taught me love and the other one who gave me love and teach me life.

I know she always be there to worry about me, to take care of me and to rain love on me.

There's no doubt i have the best father and mother.

But she is special... I don't know how she entered in my life....I will not leave her alone anymore.

She showed me the meaning of the word "Possessiveness" and the power of love and affection.

I'm trying to give her back what she's giving to me, but always i get follow-on.

Can you tell me one thing important than love... no one can...

Can you find any one who loves you more than you ?..  None other than your mom...

Friends, Love your mom.... surprise her always.....fight with her always.......

Mom, I want you to be with me forever....

I think, I'm the happiest man in the world...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Third Day in Heaven - The Most Stupidious Thing in the World

The most stupidious thing in the world is...

Believing the stupid fact that
     '' One woman could cure the pain in the heart created by another woman ''

Am I reporting about woman negatively?.. Ofcourse NO..
I'm here just trying to explain the theory.

Actually what happens behind that fact?....... Lets take a scenario........

A boy betrayed by his lover & got dumped by his love.
At that time, he find himself some calm with his close girl friend.
Naturally she gets more closer with him & wants to replace his sad things with her love.
At first, she loves to hear about his old love to observe the weightage of their relationship.
Then soon she got irritated and began to expect him to concentrate only on her and
compel him to forget about the past love.

Actually its not possible to that boy to forget his past love. Here there is nothing wrong with the girls attitude also, its quite natural. Everyone wants to be No-1 in their partner's heart and no one wants to share their place.

Everything is right.........then whats wrong?..The Boy.
He felt relax with her & he wanted her to get relief from his old love's sorrows.
He became selfish there. He is in a state of couldn't forget the past love & also couldn't leave his new love.

He loves a new girl to get relief from the hurts created by past love. Its the only wrong decision he has made.

What it looks like?...

You all know about pain killer drugs..

Painkiller gives immediate relief from the pain. Many of the people prefer painkillers for its immediate relief..

Actually painkiller doesn't cure the pain. We can feel pain only if the message reach the brain. If the message didn't reach the brain, you will not feel the pain. Painkiller just stop the message about pain before it reaches the brain. If we use painkillers often, it will lead to side affects which will be more pain than the original pain.

The same thing happens in boy... He is trying to use his second love as pain killer to forget his past love. 

Second love is not a solution for the first love's sorrows.
I'm not trying to offend the second love.Please dont fall in second love to forget first love.
Definitely you will recover from the first love's pain soon and then feel your second love without any impression of the first love.

Most welcome to your Next love !!!...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second Day In Heaven - Something Personal

Do you have something personal in your life?...........

Just let me raise a doubt about Personal.... Is personal means secret?..

Secret doesn't mean that no one knows that.. secret is an information and also it has to pass through but only for the deserved persons..

Personal thing could be a secret and secret also could be something personal...

I couldn't find any difference between them except their alphabets and also I need not want to..

come back to the point...yeah.. something personal..

why something become personal thing? May be to avoid others comments or harassment or jealous or even laugh.

The more personal, the more tension........

Be straight forward, do right things. Have some hot & sweet personal things with u.
But remove the sad things from the personal list and share those things with others.

Happy things and good things have one important difference...

'' Happy things have a power to increase the happy mood when it gets shared..
Sad things have a power to reduce the sad mood when it gets shared.. ''

So just share your personals with your trusty persons but leave the hot ones for your partner.......

Monday, April 26, 2010

First Day In HEAVEN

I'm very happy to be here now (11:00 pm). Its my first post and first day in HEAVEN.

All you know about HEAVEN, right!!

What is HEAVEN?

HEAVEN is nothing but the world of love, created by love, ruling by love and full of love.

HEAVEN's Infrastructure is entirely based on the theory of love.

Love...Love...Love.....What is Love ?

Is it a solid or a liquid ?

It could be a solid, because no one can break it.
It could be a liquid also, because no one can beat it or pinch it.

I think love is a wind, because we can't touch it.. we can't see it... but we can feeeeelllll it....

can you find any difference between love and god.... no one can.

Here i come to the conclusion for the meaning of HEAVEN.

HEAVEN is just a place where you making love. HEAVEN is need not to be a God's world, it could be a restaurant where you give/get a first kiss , it could be a shopping mall where you can see your partner's love, it could be a theme park where you can see your children's enjoyment.

Actually Earth is a place where you could get a lot of what you give. We can't get anything here without giving something, if you give love to others then you will get plenty of love. Thats enough to make a HEAVEN in Earth.

An easy way to STEPUP2HEAVEN is to fall in love and beat everyone with your love....